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Move Me” Tutoring’s goal is to assist students in the areas of math, reading, writing and study skills. These services will motivate and increase self-esteem within each child. By providing one-on-one and small group instruction, every child will have an intervention and classroom engaging instruction experience. We strive to close the achievement gap and work hand-in-hand with public school educators to move students to the next level of learning by addressing their needs and establishing trusting relationships. This process is fundamental for future success.

“Move Me” Tutoring services aligns resources for learning to district curriculum and state mandated assessments; and uses best practices in each subject area to obtain success. Our goal, as well, is to help families understand the importance of an education and day-to-day study habits. We, also, encourage and provide systematic strategies that parents can use to promote great study habits and study schedules for children.

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Monday-Thursday 4:30 pm-7:30 pm


Saturdays by appointments

New Year's Special

January 1, 2020-February 29, 2020 -  10% off hourly rate 

Offering Services in Mathematics, Reading, Writing & Study Skills 

for grades Kindergarten- Twelfth

Workshop Services Coming Soon!!!!!!!!!!!